Technical support:


In Iraq, nearly 3 million people have been driven from their homes by the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) since 2014. UNDP Iraq’s Rule of Law Programme is providing support to national legal aid organizations that are assisting Iraq’s displaced populations with their justice needs. In particular, legal aid partners are helping displaced Iraqis gain access to essential services, locate missing relatives, and address conflict related sexual violence. I was brought on board in July 2016 to strengthen the knowledge and delivery of UNDP’s legal aid partners, to develop systems that track and analyse their data, and to assess the viability of growing the programme portfolio into other newly liberated areas such as Ramadi and Tikrit. Through a concerted team effort, the programme is now measuring progress more closely and producing dramatic visuals and case studies to communicate their impact with donor partners and national stakeholders. New project proposals are now under review with key international partners.

Evaluation & Mapping:
UNDP Pacific


Fiji has experienced four coups since the 1970s, a result of poor governance, ethnic division, and disempowered civil society. In the run-up to elections under the last military-led government, UNDP worked with civil society organizations to strengthen citizen engagement in democracy through wider awareness of the role of Parliament, and through inclusive initiatives to shape a new constitution. I was contracted to help map, evaluate and facilitate support to civil society, while also developing capacity building products related to constitution-making. The elections of 2014 were considered fair by international standards, and today, democratic values and the economy are strengthening.

Policy development:
International Development Law Organization


The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) is by many accounts the most dynamic and fastest growing inter-government organization working on the rule of law, access to justice and sustainable development today. I was first contracted as a senior researcher and later as a senior policy advisor to help shape the organization’s approach to the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. Leveraging my experience as a policy officer in the UN Executive Office of the Secretary-General, I crafted a flagship report for the organization, and a range of high level speeches, journal articles, and technical policy documents that argued for the inclusion of the rule of law in the Sustainable Development Goals. Supporting the Director-General of IDLO, Irene Khan (formerly the SG of Amnesty International) I provided briefs, talking points, and speeches for delivery at the UN General Assembly and UN Human Rights Council among other high-level political events. Today, IDLO continues on its growth trajectory, and is more widely respected as a thought-leader among other multilateral organizations and governments. As importantly, the rule of law is recognized as indispensable to sustainable development and is now identified under Goal 16.

Recent work . . .

My work history demonstrates a commitment to results and impact. Regardless of context, the approach is the same: analyze, strategize, and mobilize. Analyze and define the issues in wide consultation with stakeholders. Strategize, outline and work-plan a response. Mobilize teamwork, partnerships and resources to follow through. Below is a sampling of my most recent projects.

Bangkok-based . . .

Sean Lees is a Bangkok-based international consultant providing policy development expertise, technical and strategic programming support, and monitoring and evaluation services on rule of law, access to justice, and sustainable peace and development initiatives for international organizations.


Technical and Strategic Programming support

Deliver programmatic impact through carefully tailored capacity-building products, project document design, and project management tools. Advisory services are tied to resource mobilization support, partnership building and strategic positioning.


High Level Policy Development

Author of a range of international policy products including UN Secretary-General Reports to the Security Council, flagship reports for issue-focused IGOs, and actionable-research for World Bank publications.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Provide incisive evaluations on project performance that are both fair and actionable. Design user-friendly monitoring tools that provide data to support next-stage project development. Proven experience developing and implementing justice and security statistical surveys in challenging environments.

Rule of law
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