Sean Lees, International Consultant on the rule of law, access to justice and 
sustainable peace and development.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, and I remain as fascinated now as I was then in the diversity of approaches that societies take in overcoming challenges and realizing human potential. In my current work, I engage problems with an eye of an ethnographer, the analytical intellect of a lawyer, and the tact of a diplomat. This skill set is needed if one is to understand and address the justice and security needs facing people of vastly diverse backgrounds, mindsets, attitudes and capacities. Over my career, I have enjoyed an array of opportunities to apply my unique approach to my work as a policy advisor and project manager to the United Nations, and as a legal advisor to the US Department of Justice and Homeland Security. 

In Thailand, for example, I conducted an extensive study into the traditional justice practices of the Burmese, and then worked with a team to build justice systems in Burmese refugee camps. In Sudan, I spent an extensive amount of time learning the local dialect of Arabic, as I worked with civil society to provide justice for survivors of rape and other crimes. In Afghanistan, I leveraged my experience as an attorney and helped negotiate and coordinate the efforts of national, international and bilateral actors to rebuild peace and security infrastructure. In New York City, I drew on years of experience communicating with diverse actors and communities in the field, to facilitate expert consultations and high level engagements at the UN Secretariat.


These and other experiences have given me a wealth of insights into workable and sustainable solutions for field projects and a practiced approach on research and policy development needs. I have the skills and approaches required to ensure successful and timely delivery of a variety of rule of law related projects.

I invite you to contact me to discuss how I can assist your organization meet its technical, policy or evaluation needs.